Curs 19 martie 2011 - Vocea avocatului de succes cu Ciro Imparato


"Exista ceva in noi in stare latenta. La curs am vazut ca se poate "trezi" si activa pt. o maxima coordonare."

"Am obtinut feed-backul de care aveam nevoia pt a-mi imbunatatii relatiile profesionale si personale.
 Acum "detin" si metoda pt a-mi atinge obiectivele."

"Am invatat sa-mi folosesc potentialul nativ pentru a-mi schimba in bine viata."

"O accentuata constientizare a instrumentelor de care dispunem"


"Captain Jean-Luc Picard reporting about the voyages of his voice (Me, me, me, I am the captain now! :-)
I give this feedback so late after the training FourVoiceColors with Lawyer Coaching Romania, because I wanted to really experience what I absorbed from you): I LOVE MY VOICE!!! Can you believe it? Ha! You should see my records (video and audio). You should see my face while watching and listening (I promise I will not become narcissistic :-) ). Your training was an extremely beautiful rainbow in my life and it gave me so much more than Four Colors. You should also see what a huge change happens in my posture, and the effects on others and on myself while using your breathing, moving and relaxation techniques before public speaking! Absolutely amazing!
And to end as I started: ENGAGE! (‘cause I’m sure this trip is going to become better and better). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


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